Thursday, 8 November 2012

Dear Mr D

Write a letter to your health

Dear Mr D, 

We first met on 15th March 2004, even though you may have known me before I didn't know you. You came along when I was 13 at a difficult age of everything changing. We had a bumpy start with being admitted to hospital with 30+ sugars but we soon set sail on a journey together. 

Our journey however wasn't always smooth, we hit a brick wall and went our separate ways for a long time to the point were you didn't care about me no more so I no longer cared for you. We grew apart and hardly stayed in touch. You took over my life and I wanted nothing to do with you! You wasn't the way I had hoped and your personality wasn't to my liking at all, you needed caring for 24 hours a day and I couldn't keep up. 

2005 came along and I simply walked into a table...I know a blonde moment of mine but still only a mere bump to the leg and boom! you decided to remind me of your presence. This reminder came in the form of Necrobiosis which is an awful mark on my shin that will never disappear. As a 15 year old girl a mark on the leg is traumatic, tights on all year round, no camouflage make up can cover it properly and those summer dresses are a big huff for me...Thanks much appreciated Mr D. 

This letter to you can't be all negative I the start of this year we decided to reunite and build on our relationship again before we both got hurt or destroyed each other. I agree we did try our hardest but Mr L (Larry Lantus) didn't want to work with us or in our partnership so we tried to grab Mrs N's attention (Novorapid Norma) She tried to work with us but we needed all four of us to work as a team. Nothing worked Mr L just didn't want to listen and he sent us on a roller coaster every day. 

Finally 30th August came and we were set to meet our new friend who was going to help us on our journey. We managed to persuade the PCT to fund her and she came all sparkly and ready to work hard, just what we needed! So me, you and Mrs N met Peppa the pink animas pump. All of us together work as a team and we are really seeing the benefits of a happy relationship. I do admit we have a lot of learning to do all of us four but we are slowly getting there even if we have a few hiccups every now and then. I suppose I can forgive those hiccups as sometimes that could be my fault and sometimes it's yours but who's pointing fingers? 

To round up my letter to you, I would like to say thank you for being here and behaving yourself, we have to work together we don't have a choice but I suppose we do have a choice to be friends and get along. I do prefer our friendship now we are on good terms. 

I'll keep up the good work if you do along with Peppa and Mrs N. 

Kind regards

Your partner in crime, Ness

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