Peppa Adventures!

On 30th August, I met my new best friend animas vibe insulin pump :D
I have currently been using Peppa for 7 weeks now and things have been very different. I have had to tweak a few things around and still getting used to it but it turns out 6 out of those 7 weeks I have been ill and have just found out I have Tracheitis which is an infection in your trachea and takes weeks to clear. So after my antibiotics kick in and i'm fit and well, hopefully I will be able to get better control.

I have to say my control is getting better and I don't feel horrendous when at a normal sugar level no more! I did suffer from very bad headaches in the first couple of weeks as my body was so used to being in the 20+ but thankfully they have cleared up now.

In February 2012 I decided it was time for a change and I needed to sort my sugars out and gain control of my own life again. After months of trying to sort my sugars out on injections it was becoming impossible. I was 20+ during the day then I would dip and hypo in the night. Every morning at 3am I would wake up hypo :(

I tried everything, I tried changing my lantus doses, I was on 32 units to start with which slowly reduced to 27units. I still couldn't get the control, I changed the times I did my lantus and nothing still. I was seeing my DSN (diabetes specialist nurse) every 2 weeks. By June I was fed up and met a wonderful women called Angela, who helped me put together a letter for an insulin pump, I had asked about the insulin pump many times but always either got laughed at or fobbed off. Finally my letter stood its ground as intended and made them listen! I was serious business this time, I was on MDI (multiple dose insulin), I knew how to carb count to work out how much insulin to take for food and my hba1c has never been below 10! Finally my consultant agreed my DSN could carry out an assessment on me to see if it was the right thing for me.
I was delighted she was the person making the decision because she knew more than anybody how much hard work I had put it!

In July my funding application was sent through to the primary care trust and to my surprise it was accepted within 5 days...normally it takes 25 days! I couldn't believe my luck, somebody was actually listening and willing to help me!

Finally on 30th August I was with 5 other people in training for our pumps over a course of 3 days. We left that day with a pump attached and things flying round out heads. After the 3 days training it was Friday and we were to spend the weekend with our pumps! Daunting I know! Luckily I survived the weekend with no problems and we returned on the Monday. I currently see my DSN every 2 weeks still just while I get used to my pump and my basal rates etc. Also the group I 'trained' with we are meeting up near Christmas time to see how we are all getting on which will be great to see everybody!

My first clinic appointment is coming up thick and fast... I have just had a hba1c done just to see if there is a slight improvement. It is very early days for my result to be were I want it so I wont be too disappointed if its not a good one but it will be interesting to see where it is at. I also cannot wait to go into clinic all smug because of how well I am doing on my pump and both my consultants said it wasn't for me...just you wait! :D

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