The Real DiabeticNess

Well where to ambition in life was to be a paediatric nurse when I left school but as I started my college course I started to realise it might not be for me. I studied a health and social care National diploma in college and began my placements in a nursing home. I got very upset with the situation and couldn't handle the thought the elderly being ill and came to the conclusion I wouldn't be able to cope with children being ill but I had a passion to work with children so as soon as I completed my placement I went straight to college and explain I wanted to be a primary school teacher. Thankfully I didn't have to change my course I had all my placements in primary schools to ensure I had enough experience with children to successfully be accepted onto my degree.

I completed my degree in Primary Education with Qualified teacher status. I am very proud to be a primary school teacher and proud to say I was graded outstanding. The struggle has come from finding a job!
I am currently on my second year of supply teaching, which I do enjoy but after a year of it I would love to settle down in my own classroom with my own rules for a change. I have met some amazing people on my journey on supply and I have met some fantastic children who have secured that love for teacher. Don't get me wrong I have met some awful children who don't understand the word 'rules' and 'respect' but overall my experiences have been brilliant and made me the teacher that I am so that when my own classroom comes along I am going to be very prepared for the hard work.

In hind sight supply has been a blessing in disguise because with all the changes in my life at the moment and all the illnesses I would not have coped in a classroom so next year is my year :)

So the real me still lives at home with her mum and dad who support me to space and back and I owe them everything! We also have a other half ha! Due to being on supply the work is not guaranteed so it is almost impossible for us to move out at the moment... hence my desperation of having my own classroom.
Good things to those who wait, is what I say but I just hope it comes along soon!

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