Thursday, 5 September 2013


Yesterday I suffered a complete meltdown. This all started when I was eager to find out the result of my A1c, it came back at 74 which in old money is 8.9%. I was completely devastated and couldn't understand where I had gone wrong or what I had done to deserve this!

As I started to think back over the past 3 months or so, I started to realise I have had a tough couple of months. With my colitis diagnosis, me having a mini fit about how many tablets I now have to take and my eyes slowly getting worse. It was no surprise that it has risen, by only 1% may I add, I have also been on my summer holidays which probably doesn't help either.

Another Day

This morning I have woken up with a new head on my shoulders, I have downloaded my meter data and boy do I have some killer graphs on there. It's crazy because I had this mentality of if its a good BG - great! If it was a bad BG well just correct it. I never took the time to write them down to notice a pattern. I was clearly pulling the wool over my eyes. 

Time for a change

From today I have given Mr D a bit of a kick to wake up and also myself to get a grip.
My plan of action is to look over my basal tests over the next 2 weeks especially evening tests, the one I try to avoid! Oops!
Then once I have sorted basal tests out then I will move on to ratio's and take one step at a time. I am also waiting for an appointment with my DSN, I have found all through my diabetic life, if I don't see her for a while I slip back, it's like I need her to keep checks on me. I know this sounds daft but it makes me motivated as I know I am seeing her and motivated to prove to them I need my pump.

Finally its a new dawn, a new day and time to get on with it!