Thursday, 18 October 2012

Living with Mr D

This is my first blog and it is all new to me...I have been inspired by a few fellow D's to start a blog and I think it is the perfect opportunity to start one as everything in my life is changing.
Recently I have found the amazing support from the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) who are helping me along the way everyday.
After so many years of not caring it is about time I started to care about myself and Mr D and grow up I suppose. So this is why I have started a blog to share with everybody my struggles, my achievements and the way I deal with living with Mr D. I have also joined twitter to keep up to date with the DOC as I know they will be the backbone to my success with Mr D and I appreciate you all!

I have an amazing family who support me too. I live with my mum and dad who have also been there for me but I think recently things are changing for them too. They have to understand the new way of living with Mr D now and that I can eat what I want, when I want. I think they kind of like it better as they don't have to deal with a stressy nessy no more. I have an amazing boyfriend who lives with me. Without him I think I would be a crazy cat lady! He puts up with everything with me and understands me down to a T. I love him dearly and thank him for all the support he gives me. I also have an older sister who worries about me rather too much and her husband who is a brother to me. Finally my beautiful nephew Harry, if he isn't a reason to sort myself out I don't know what is. At 3 years old he understands that auntie ness has medicine and he shouldn't touch and now auntie ness' medicine is a little machine. Just a cuddle and a kiss from that little man makes everything easier to deal with :)

Finally friends... they are amazing and always have been through thick and thin! and are always very excited to see the new gadgets I come home with!!

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